Build 30 5g fully connected factories in the next three years

Published At : 2021-06-25 Source : People's Daily overseas

People's Daily overseas news:


There are more than 70 industrial Internet platforms with certain industrial and regional influence, which are widely used in more than 30 key industries of the national economy, and the number of connected industrial equipment has reached 40 million sets... In recent years, the development of China's industrial Internet has constantly refreshed its height and speed. Recently, the industrial Internet special working group issued the industrial Internet innovation and development action plan (2021-2023) (hereinafter referred to as the three-year action plan) to deploy the key work contents of the industrial Internet in the next three years.


"The next three years will be a period of rapid growth of the industrial Internet." According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the three-year action plan is clear in combination with the current industrial development reality and the evolution trend of technology industry. By 2023, the new infrastructure will be further improved, the integration and application results will be further demonstrated, the technological innovation ability will be further improved, the industrial development ecology will be further improved, and the security guarantee ability will be further enhanced; The construction of new infrastructure of China's industrial Internet has advanced both in quantity and quality, the new model and new business format have been promoted on a large scale, and the comprehensive strength of the industry has been significantly improved.


Specifically, the three-year action plan puts forward 11 key actions and 10 key projects to solve the deep-seated difficulties and pain points in the development of industrial Internet, promote industrial digitization and drive digital industrialization.


Accelerate infrastructure construction《 The three-year action plan proposes to implement the action of strengthening the foundation of the network system, promote the industrial Internet network interconnection project, promote the deep integration of it and ot networks, and build 30 5g fully connected factories in 10 key industries; Implement the action of enhancing identification analysis, promote the enhancement project of industrial Internet identification analysis system, improve the construction of identification system, and guide enterprises to build no less than 120 secondary nodes and no less than 20 recursive nodes; We implemented the action to expand the platform system, promoted the systematic upgrading project of industrial Internet platforms, and doubled the number of cloud platforms on industrial equipment and business systems compared with 2020.


Continue to deepen integrated application. Formulate industrial big data standards and promote data interconnection; Implement new model cultivation actions, cultivate and promote new models such as intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension and digital management; Continue to deepen the integrated application of "5g + industrial Internet".


Cultivate and expand industrial ecology. Promote the industrial Internet industry ecological cultivation project, cultivate technological innovation enterprises and operation service providers, build five national industrial Internet industry demonstration bases, and create 10 "5g + industrial Internet" integrated application pilot areas.


"The integrated application of industrial Internet is different from the innovative application of Internet. The main battlefield of industrial Internet is in the real economy, especially in the industrial field. It is oriented to industry, based on industry and service industry." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that this requires that the industrial Internet must be closely combined with the technology, knowledge, experience and pain points in various industries and fields, with high diversity, professionalism and complexity, which determines that promoting the integrated application of the industrial Internet requires continuous efforts and long-term achievements.


"The development of industrial Internet should promote multi-agent collaboration and break barriers." Xu Xiaolan, President of China Industrial Internet Research Institute, said that only in this way can the industrial Internet industry go deep into all aspects of society and enterprises like capillaries, and become a fertile land for the transformation and upgrading of more manufacturing enterprises.

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