Soliciting opinions on the intelligent manufacturing plan of the 14th five year plan, 2000 new technology application intelligent scenarios will be built in China

Published At : 2021-06-25 Source : Beijing Daily News

Beijing Daily News:


By 2025, China hopes to formulate and revise more than 200 national and industrial standards for intelligent manufacturing and build more than 2000 intelligent scenarios for the application of new technologies. Yesterday, the Ministry of industry and information technology began to solicit public opinions on the 14th five year plan for intelligent manufacturing development.


With the in-depth development of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, new generation information technology, biotechnology, new material technology and new energy technology continue to make breakthroughs, and accelerate the integration with advanced manufacturing technology. Global competition in science and technology and industry is becoming more intense. The strategic game of big countries further focuses on the manufacturing industry. The development strategies focusing on revitalizing the manufacturing industry, such as the "advanced manufacturing leadership strategy" of the United States, the "national industrial strategy 2030" of Germany and the "industry 5.0" of the European Union, all focus on intelligent manufacturing, trying to seize the commanding height of a new round of competition in the global manufacturing industry.


In order to promote China's manufacturing industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain, the exposure draft proposes that by 2025, manufacturing enterprises above designated size should basically popularize digitization, and backbone enterprises in key industries will initially realize intelligent transformation. There are more than 10 domestic system solution suppliers with a main business income of more than 5 billion yuan, formulate and revise more than 200 national and industrial standards for intelligent manufacturing, and build more than 120 industrial Internet platforms with industrial and regional influence.


At that time, China will promote the application of new technologies such as digital twins, artificial intelligence, 5g, blockchain, VR / AR and edge computing in typical scenarios, links and levels, and explore and form a number of intelligent scenarios such as "digital twins +" "artificial intelligence +" "XR +". Specifically, in 2025, China will build more than 2000 new technology application intelligent scenarios, more than 1000 intelligent workshops, more than 100 benchmark intelligent factories leading the development of the industry, and select and cultivate 100 smart supply chains.


The Ministry of industry and information technology also mentioned that China should strengthen independent supply, expand the new advantages of the industrial system, accelerate the development of equipment, software and system solutions, cultivate and expand emerging intelligent manufacturing industries, accelerate the adaptability of the supply system, and lead and drive the optimization and upgrading of the industrial system.


In view of the weaknesses in perception, control, decision-making and implementation, China will also strengthen the joint innovation of industry, University and research, break through a number of "neck" basic parts and devices, promote the innovative application of new technologies such as digital twins and artificial intelligence, and develop a number of internationally advanced new intelligent manufacturing equipment. At the same time, China should also improve its information infrastructure and speed up the large-scale deployment of new network infrastructure such as industrial Internet, Internet of things, 5g and gigabit optical network.

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